Saturday, December 8, 2012

London Shop Opening Soon

I've been very very quiet these past months - but so much has been happening! Even if it doesn't seem directly related to art at first, it probably is, as you couldn't really separate my art and my life, as they are one and the same :-)

Right before my planned returned to Sydney, everything changed and life took quite a different turn. My adventurer and I put a hasty plan into action and wasted no time, packing up our belongings (mine wasn't hard as I've been living out of a backpack for so long anyway!) and moved to London. We now have a wonderful little home, with a printing studio for him and a drawing studio for me. 

Being creative types, rather than work for someone else we decided to open up our own little shop!! With Christmas hurtling towards us, we're hurriedly trying to move in and throw together some make-shift shelving and make the store look half decent, before we can smoothly renovate and make it into a beautiful little hub of inspiration. But if all goes well we'll be "open" from tomorrow on, slowly falling into place and getting used to it!

So if you're in London, come and say hi! I need to find arty friends anyway, and figure out where all the illustrators and arty kids are hanging out ;-)

Lot 405, (The Basement) Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, Camden, London


  1. That's AWESOME news!! Congrads, Monika. I'm very happy for you.

    One of my sisters lives in London so next time, I go there, I'll be sure to visit your shop :D

  2. Welcome to London Monika. I have been reading your blog for a while now. Your art is amazing and I really like your adventurous soul. I am originally from Austria but now live in London. It took me a while to get comfortable in this fast paced city. I hope you will be very successful and happy here. All the best for your shop, Elke.


Oh! How did you know? I absolutely adore comments, thank you! :-) I appreciate all the feedback I get xx